Visual Meditation is a body of work that explores the potential of non objective art and my own adaptation on geometric, hard edge abstraction.  The act of meditating can offer one to be in a relaxed and filtered state of mind, allowing their awareness and senses to turn to the simple interactions happening around them.  The paintings offer no message other than for the viewer to look at them, enriching those in the present sensation of vision.  Interaction of shapes, color, and lines are the only subject matter to look at, allowing for an infinitely open interpretation.  The subject matter determined by the viewer can range from an absolutely silent conclusion to an extremely complex message.  The non objectivity of these pieces allows people to indulge in a visual meditation and experience without any pressure, need, or expectation to develop a meaning for them.  These artworks initiate a silent interaction with the viewer, letting them enjoy the sensations of vision and awareness.